Hey there!
Welcome, whether you are here by chance or with purpose.
Do you like reading? Do you like stories?
Then please stay for a few moments and help me with this little project I have going.

I love thinking about the world and writing down and discussing some of the better or worse ideas that I come up with. This has over the years resulted in me spending a lot of my time building and demolishing and rebuilding stories.
After a lot of trial and error, I now finally feel ready to let one of my creations run free…a little.

So how can you help me?

I would like to invite you to read what I have written and to let me know what you think.

How will this work?

Skip on over to “The story so far…” and have a read of the first 10 pages of the story. If you like it and would like to know what happens next, please sign up to this mailing list. If you don’t like it but are willing to bear with me, sign up as well!

I have started sending out 10 pages on a weekly basis via email to all those who signed up. If you do want to read it, all I would ask of you, is to give me some feedback through a questionnaire before and after you have read the story (Or given up on it). If you do sign up, please be honest with your critique; white lies will not help me improve.

So, head on over and have a read. But if you do feel like pelting me with tomatoes, I request the organically grown varieties please.

I look forward to reading some withering critiques.