So, who am I to rob you of your precious social media and other digital time?

Just a guy who likes to write in cafes, watching the world go by and getting inspired by other people going about their daily lives.

Do I want to be a professional author?

At the moment probably not. Writing is a hobby through which I can digest the varied experiences I have had of different cultures and environments. But there are many things I like doing aside from that, so I couldn’t possibly just focus on being a writer. I love my current job working towards a more equitable and sustainable world (with a healthy dose of cold hard business thrown in), I love the intellectual challenge of trying to finish my current degree (Or maybe I am just excusing the fact that it is taking so long) and I love to live and experience different sides of life.
Maybe at some point in future I would hope to make writing my mainstay but not for now.

Well then, why exactly am I doing this? What do I hope to achieve with this project?

First and foremost I would like to improve the story I am telling and improve how I tell it so that I can share it with people who enjoy reading and who may find it thought provoking.
After years of chipping away in my free time, I have come to the point where I am not sure whether what I am writing is actually pretty rubbish or whether I am just being an overly critical and fragile little snowflake. That is why I need your feedback.

If the novel is worthy, my long term goal is to go through the process of producing a hard copy version in collaboration with people who enjoy the process of creation and skilful crafting.

Does that mean I don’t want to make any money out of it?

At the moment, yes. I have a job that I want to do for a few more years at the very least and that I can support myself with.
More importantly, I would prefer to spend the effort and time required to sell a book to an agent, to a publisher and to the public in experiencing and going through the full process of creation from the first idea to sending a final printed and bound version to any reader who is willing to share in the cost of production.

Blablabla… okay maybe in some distant future, yes I could imagine wanting to make money out of this – maybe just a few cool hundred million… flog it to some big hollywood studio, let them utterly ruin it in a terrible film adaption and trash the world with crappy merchandise. Hey, one can always dream!